Juliet and The Initiation Blog Tour + Giveaway 

Kailee Reese Samuels
Publication date: December 20th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance

To have and hold, love and cherish, til death do us part…

When an unexpected twist of fate hands Iris her worst nightmare, the world spins out of control. As she falls apart, Iris finds comfort in her unpredictable behavior. With mysterious clues hidden by her husband, Iris drives away from her life to uncover the world he kept hidden for years.

Small town Sugargrove, Texas is unlike anything Iris has ever experienced. Foreboding, dark, and sensual, the enchanting Juliet academy lures Iris with hopes of discovering who she really is. Making friends and meeting people, she delves into the treacherous world of her surrender. But when she encounters Salvatore Raniero, the sexy alpha male ignites her in unimaginable ways, haunting her every thought and showing her a new kind of high.

As she learns Sal is more than the mischievous sexual provocateur of Juliet, revealing a composed and thoughtful side, Iris wonders what else is hiding behind his mesmerizing ebony, emerald eyes. Pushing her into an even deeper erotic journey, Iris soars with her newfound freedom in the collar.

The secrets unfurl as the web of lies continues to grow, and Iris realizes she is not the girl she once was. Trapped between a lonely past and an unknown future, she is left with the daunting task of deciding what she truly desires and who she wants to obey.

A love story doesn’t always go the way it should, sometimes the path to forever is a twisting, spiraling, and flying ride.

JULIET is Kailee Reese Samuels full-length debut novel.

THE INITIATION book 1 is set within the Juliet world and provides further glimpses into Salvatore Raniero’s character and history.

Kailee Reese Samuels writes contemporary, romantic, and suspense, with an erotic flair. Let her words whisk you away, escaping with delicious guys, toe-curling kisses, and addictive stories.

WARNING: This book contains graphic BDSM, strong sexual situations, and explicit language. Contents intended for MATURE readers 18+ ONLY.

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The Initiation
Kailee Reese Samuels
Publication date: April 20th 2015
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Five years ago, Sal Raniero was a loyal son and responsible friend. Giving everything he had to his family and friends, he was on his way to becoming the man everyone expected. But he harbored a dark secret.

He needed pain…a lot of pain.

With his masochism searing through his veins when the offer is put before him to push his servitude further, he cannot resist. Between praying and playing on his knees, he is confronted with the last thing he expects.

His heart.

Torn between becoming the golden boy of Juliet and just another guy with a fetish streak, he makes a decision that will chart the course for the rest of his life.

Take the journey with him and discover what made the boy into the man.

THE INITIATION is part of Kailee Reese Samuels’ series of novellas. Scenes from Juliet are all new companion books to Juliet. These are not excerpts from Juliet, but further glimpses into the characters, backstory, and behind-the-scenes. While they can standalone, they would be better enjoyed with the preliminary reading of Juliet.

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Iris mumbled, “You have an incredibly nice ass…” 

They both gave her a wide-eyed stare. Was that Iris? Who was this mouthy little woman?

After their shock wore off, Sal served her a plate of warm yummy breakfast.  “Thank you. So glad you enjoy looking at it.” 

He gave her another suggestive grin and danced—rolling and thrusting—across the kitchen floor, causing Iris to blush crimson. Her heart pounded in her chest, embarrassed by her ass comment. She dove in a little too deep and didn’t possess the language of flirting games in their league, but she was getting there. 

Leaning against the cabinet, he asked, “What time do you have to be at Joe’s?”

“Two o’clock,” Zoe answered. 

Nervously, Iris picked a piece of her biscuit off that she desperately wanted to cram down her throat. Since the miscarriage, she had managed to lose ten pounds. The last thing she needed was to start emotionally eating again.

“Good. You can go soak in a hot bubble bath after breakfast and relax for a bit,” Sal suggested.

“You have the keys!” Zoe protested at the clip attached to his jeans.

“I do,” he bragged. “I do indeed have the keys. She gave them to me.” He grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Damn, he’s cute.

“If you belong to Kate, why do you live here?” Iris inquired, wiping her mouth and noticing the glare Zoe gave Sal. 

And then as if they rehearsed it, Zoe fronted, “That’s a long, complicated story. One day I’ll tell you all about it.” Zoe cleared the plates, and Sal headed out to the porch. Iris followed him with Zoe close behind. 

Lighting a cigarette, he flopped in an Adirondack chair, putting his bare feet up on the rail. They stayed in silence with Iris gazing into the fields. One of the many horses meandered up, Zoe rubbed his muzzle, speaking sweet nothings to him. 

“This is my black stallion, Prince,” Zoe gushed.

Abruptly, Sal jumped up and grabbed Iris’ hand. “Come on. You need to see it.” 

Walking at a brisk pace, he wouldn’t let go of her hand. She struggled to keep up barefooted.

“Sal, stop. You can’t do this. Sal!” Zoe hovered in front of him. 

“Get out of the way, Z.” Sal picked Iris up, tossing her over his shoulder. 

“Sal!” Iris screamed. “Sal! Put me down! You are going to drop me! I’m too heavy for this!” Iris begged.

“Heh. Not likely, and I think I am insulted.” Sal bounded down the hill to the building Zoe had referred to as the playroom. 

“Sal, please, don’t do this. Think about what you are about to do,” Zoe pleaded as he pulled the set of keys adorned with the rhinestone S. 

Slipping a different key into each of the three locks, Sal pushed open the heavy wooden door with a thud. He gently pulled Iris off his shoulder, wrapping his hand tight on her wrist as he slammed the door. 

And then he let go in the darkened tomb. 

Iris couldn’t see anything in the black playroom. The lights burst on, and Sal declared, “This is what it’s all about…”

Author Bio:

Embracing diversity. Coffee addict. Mango lover. Blueberry fetishist. Sweet peach tea crazy. Red wine devout. Whiskey deviant. Tattooed & pierced. Loves shoes. Collects rosaries. Fanatical organizer/cleaner/list-maker. Never sleeps. Hermit and recluse.


KAILEE REESE SAMUELS has been spinning tales since she can remember. Her books are contemporary fiction with a no-holds-barred attitude. She adores listening to her characters ramble and putting them into situations that push the boundaries.

Creativity is the way to change.

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