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When attraction burns this hot, it’s only so long before someone has to break…

  • Pub date: March 27, 2017 by  Carina Press
  • Series: Hot in the City, 1/3
  • eISBN: 9781488024528
  • Price: $2.99
  • Format: eBook
  • Genres: Carina Press Romance Promise, Contemporary Romance, Medical, Romance
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    The first time Detective Brian MacGregor met Priya Shah, he was bleeding. Injured apprehending a suspect, he just needed a few stitches. He didn’t expect to feel a gut punch of lust for the beautiful ER doc. But another emergency called her away before he had a chance to ask her out…or kiss her. Or find out if she shared his sudden sex-in-a-dark-hospital-room fantasy.


    The second time he met Priya, she was protecting a murder witness.


    Protecting is putting it strongly, if you ask Priya. Her cousin may have witnessed a murder, but she had nothing to do with it. Even if the hot ginger cop seems like the perfect solution to Priya’s summer dry spell, they both have more important things to worry about. Like finding Sara before the murderer does.


    As far as Brian’s concerned, Priya is the key—her cousin is bound to come back to her eventually, and when she does, he’ll be there. They just need to keep their hands off each other until then. But when attraction burns this hot, it’s only so long before someone has to break…

    About Jules Court

    “I’m an East Coast native transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. I like movies with kissing and movies with things that go boom, books with heroines who are 100% done with your crap, dogs and cats living together, and enough sugar in my coffee to make the spoon stand up. 

    I write romance books with a little bit of heat and a lot of heart. My latest is the “Hot in the City” series, three contemporary romance novellas set in Boston.”

    Find Jules:

    Website Facebook | Twitter


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    Guest Post: 

    Jules Court

    BlogPost: Introducing Priya, Heroine of Hot in the City
    Dr. Priya Shah just wants a full night’s sleep, a good cup of coffee, and to protect her cousin Sara from whatever trouble she’s gotten mixed up in this time. She doesn’t have the time or mental space to deal with a man, especially not dangerously sexy cop, Brian MacGregor.
    Priya’s guarded and more than a little prickly—at one point Brian thinks, “he hadn’t even begun to peel her onion.” But at her heart lies a deep well of guilt over an incident from her past intertwined with a fierce love for her family. To keep that love, she’s tried to be someone she isn’t. Someone perfect. But being near Brian makes her want to detonate that good girl façade and set her inner wildness free.
    After thirty-six hours on call, the last thing Priya Shah needed was to fulfill some dude’s exotic Kama Sutra fantasy. She was more than capable of getting herself off, and bonus: afterwards, she wouldn’t have to kick out some random.

    So when she saw a male denim-clad thigh slide onto the neighboring barstool, she jammed a fry in her mouth and kept her eyes fixed on her book. At four o’clock in the afternoon, the Thorny Rose had plenty of empty barstools. No reason for him to sit right next to her unless he was one of those guys for whom a single woman out in public was like waving red in front of a bull. And at this moment, she just wanted her cousin to show up so she could go home for at least twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep.

    Sara should have been here a half hour ago, when her shift started. She had until Priya hit the bottom of her basket of fries to show up. After that, Priya was taking her crabby self off to bed and silencing her phone. Whatever Sara desperately needed to talk to her about would just have to wait.

    “Hi,” her new neighbor said.

    She flipped a page. “Not interested.”

    “It’s Dr. Shah, right?” His voice was deep and warm.

    She looked up and into a pair of familiar green eyes. The hot ginger cop. Was here. She dropped her book on the bar.


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Who We Were Blog Tour Guest Post + Giveaway

Author: Lindsay Detwiler

Title: Who We Were

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: February 25, 2017

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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“I guess that’s the thing about high school reunions, though. They make you snap a little.”

In the ten years since high school graduation, Maylee’s career, living arrangements, family, and especially her love life are at a standstill. When her twin brother, Mitch, falls for her high school enemy at their ten-year reunion, Maylee’s life is catapulted into chaos.

Maylee’s hatred for the blonde-haired Josephine isn’t the only thing she discovers at her reunion. Benson Drake, the introvert from high school, has matured into a sexy intellect. Now a writer and bartender, Benson’s grown into a man with a perfect balance of quirky wit and sex appeal. After a wardrobe malfunction, a spy mission gone wrong, and a dangerous cup of coffee, Maylee and Benson explore something they never even thought about during senior year. Along the way, they find out that reconnecting with the past can change you… or maybe just help you find your true self.

My Favorite Scene in Who We Were

by Lindsay Detwiler

“Are you okay?” a husky voice asks as a blond, spiky-haired guy leans over me. He must be an inch from kissing me. My heart flutters a bit. I look up at him, his almost royal blue eyes peering into mine, framed by brown glasses matching mine—when I’m not torturing myself with contacts. The smell of his aftershave wafts toward me. I like it.

Usually, my favorite scene to write in a novel is the first kiss scene. There’s just something beautiful and magic about the first time two characters’ lips meet, the first time realization sets in that things are getting serious.

For Who We Were, though, my favorite scene is when Maylee and Benson rediscover each other at their high school reunion. Maylee finds herself in an embarrassing predicament at their ten-year reunion, and Benson just happens to come to her rescue. It’s a scene brimming with humor but also with possibility.

For me, Benson and Maylee’s first scene together is symbolic of who they are together and as individuals. It’s a quirky, socially awkward encounter marked by both mortification and laughter. Even though Maylee and Benson have been away from their nerdy high school days for a decade, they both come to realize they’ll never quite escape their penchant for being the outliers. 

While she’s trying to pick herself up from the situation, Maylee finds something else, too. She finds that Benson Drake, who was introverted to the point of practical silence in high school, has grown into a sexy intellect. From his hair to his eyes to his smooth voice, Benson’s encounter with Maylee helps her see something she completely overlooked in high school—how great Benson is for her. From their first interaction in the book, Benson helps Maylee realize that she can reconcile who she was with the woman she wants to be. He helps her see the best in herself and in her future. Most of all, he helps her see that sometimes love comes along in our lowest moments, quite literally. 

I love that Maylee and Benson’s first moment together isn’t the picture-perfect moment of most love stories. As Benson says to Maylee, “I think getting away from high school is good for some of us, huh? The outliers?” From their first encounter to their last in the book, Maylee and Benson learn to own their outlier status and build a relationship that is truly envy-worthy.


Facebook I Twitter I Website

A high school English teacher, an author, and a fan of anything pink and/or glittery, Lindsay’s the English teacher cliché; she love cats, reading, Shakespeare, and Poe.

She currently lives in her hometown with her husband, Chad (her junior high sweetheart); their cats, Arya, Amelia, Alice, and Bob; and their Mastiff, Henry.

Lindsay’s goal with her writing is to show the power of love and the beauty of life while also instilling a true sense of realism in her work. Some reviewers have noted that her books are not the “typical romance.” With her novels coming from a place of honesty, Lindsay examines the difficult questions, looks at the tough emotions, and paints the pictures that are sometimes difficult to look at. She wants her fiction to resonate with readers as realistic, poetic, and powerful. Lindsay wants women readers to be able to say, “I see myself in that novel.” She wants to speak to the modern woman’s experience while also bringing a twist of something new and exciting. Her aim is for readers to say, “That could happen,” or “I feel like the characters are real.” That’s how she knows she’s done her job.

Lindsay’s hope is that by becoming a published author, she can inspire some of her students and other aspiring writers to pursue their own passions. She wants them to see that any dream can be attained and publishing a novel isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

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 Hot Tree Publishing

India Book Tour Guest Post + Giveaway

Book Description:

I have always been fascinated by the sheer beauty and diversity in Indian culture. “Sensory overload in a glance” is an apt description of a country that is always in movement. To be able to stand still in the middle of all that movement allows me to really “see” her people and absorb the flow of life from birth to death.

From learning how to make yellow ink from cow urine to watching funeral pyres burn in Varanasi, I realized that I would have to spend a lifetime here to grasp the immense value of her art, stunning architecture, fascinating food and love of all that is beautiful.

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Guest Post:

Advice for Someone Who Wants to Travel to Another Country

By Debra Schoenberger

Plan at least a year ahead and do your research. Be prepared for last minute problems and don’t panic. Buy good travel & medical insurance. I once had two important flights on a 14 flight itinerary cancel at the last minute but because I had good travel insurance I was able to re-book with another airline (which happened to be way better) and the insurance company paid for the difference.

Enjoy the culture you are getting to know. Things won’t be the same back home and that’s OK. Be patient and smile! Try to get to know a few words in your host country – people really appreciate it when you try to speak to them in their own language.

Google maps is an excellent way to get to know the neighbourhood you will be staying in.  I often “walk” around the neighbourhood on google maps looking for nearby restaurants just in case I arrive really jet lagged and want to grab something to eat and already know where to go.

Sometimes my backpack gets covered in dirt and grease so I use the baby wipes to clean it off.  Baby wipes are also good for those times when it’s raining or you step in mud and your shoes are really mucked up.  It’s also good for other things. (like bathrooms with no toilet paper) 😀

Pack light. Do a trial walk with your backback, put it on and walk around your home or outside for 15 minutes. If it’s too heavy, pack lighter. If you’re miserable because you’re tired, you won’t feel like taking pictures plus you could pull a muscle!  I usually find that, even though I pack quite lightly, I don’t always wear everything I pack.

I find it much easier to fly around the world in one direction than back and forth across the Pacific ocean as I don’t feel as jet-lagged. Do your research – sometimes booking a flight in the country of origin will give you a better rate. If you are comfortable with booking your own flights over the internet, try different days of the week and different times of day to look for deals. I usually begin with 3 different airlines and hotels and work my way down from there. You will get all sorts of quotes but be patient, eventually a quote will come up that you will be happy with. Read the travel section of your local newspaper or sign up to receive specials from your favourite airlines.

Author’s Bio:

Debra Schoenberger aka #girlwithcamera

“My dad always carried a camera under the seat of his car and was constantly taking pictures. I think that his example, together with pouring over National Geographic magazines as a child fuelled my curiosity for the world around me.

I am a documentary photographer and street photography is my passion. Some of my images have been chosen by National Geographic as editor’s favourites and are on display in the National Geographic museum in Washington, DC.  I also have an off-kilter sense of humour so I’m always looking for the unusual.

​Connect with the author:    Website ~  Facebook ​~ Instagram ~  Pinterest

Book Trailer:


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Falling For The Bad Girl Blog Tour Guest Post + Giveaway


Today we have the sexy new release from Nina Croft, Falling for the Bad Girl! We are so excited to share this title with you! Grab your copy and follow the tour today!


About Falling for the Bad Girl:

As a second generation detective, Nathan Carter is a cop, through and through, one who definitely sees things in black and white. But his work ethic—and libido—are thrown off balance when he heads up the case against jewel thief, Regan Malloy. Because with one sizzling look, she’s got him hot and hard. And he’s been that way, ever since.


Growing up, Regan’s favorite hobby was learning to crack safes, and she was very, very good at it. Still, she’d always tried to keep to the straight and narrow, and only strayed when she believed a friend was in desperate straits. Now she’s out of prison and starting over. If only she could forget that she’d spent the last three years fantasizing about the stunningly gorgeous detective who locked her away.


It’s inevitable that they meet up again—in bars, hotels…and hotel beds. Despite their differences, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Still, it’s just desire. If they give it enough time, it’ll burn itself out. Because a good boy and a bad girl can’t possibly make it work. Can they?


Get your copy today!

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                      Guest Post: 

 Bring on the Bad Girls

Growing up, I had a hankering to be a bad girl. I was a terrible teenager and was always getting into trouble (I had three really nice older sisters who never did anything wrong, so I was a shock to my poor parents.) I put it down to reading too many books (is there such a thing as too many books?)—I thought life should be more exciting than it was and I was determined to do everything in my power to make it that way. I wanted to be an assassin when I grew up. Or a space pirate (you can blame Han Solo for that one). I never became either, and I never really made it to bad girl status. I don’t have a single tattoo (though I suppose it’s never too late) and I never learned to fight. Instead, I trained as an accountant, and I married my first serious boyfriend…

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of nature versus nurture. How much of what we are is determined at the time of our birth and how much is a result of our upbringing? And I’ve come to realize that I probably failed in my bad girl goals because I had neither the nature or the nurture. I had a lovely family, no traumatic experiences… Of course, some people are just born bad, but (hopefully) I’m not one of them. 

But all was not lost. Because I became a writer. Which means I get to do all these exciting things vicariously through my characters. And last year, when I was contemplating what to write next, I decided that I would relive the aspirations of my youth and write about some bad girls. Because bad girls deserve a happy ending just as much as anyone else.

As I was putting together a series proposal rather than a single book, my next job was to decide how these bad girls came to be tied together. How did they know each other? There are loads of ways to connect characters in a series. Family, location, work… My Babysitting a Billionaire series is about a group of female bodyguards who work for the same security firm, while my Things to do Before You Die series follows the stories of three men who meet in a lifeboat after their cruise ship goes down.  But I wanted something a little different for my bad girls and started to think of ways that they might have met and made a connection.

Then it occurred to me that they are bad, so chances are they made some bad decisions somewhere along the way, because that’s what bad girls do. And there would be consequences to those bad decisions. And maybe one of the consequences was jail time. So it turns out my heroines all met while they were doing time. They shared a cell while they were in prison, and they helped each other through the hardest part of their lives. They bonded and made a vow: when they got out they were going to help each other stay on the straight and narrow. They know they did some bad things, but they had their reasons, and they’re determined to be good (well goodish) from now on.

So there was the basis of my Cutting Loose series—three women, recently released from prison and determined never to go back. All I needed then were three good guys who can’t resist the lure of a bad girl. None of these men believe my heroines can stay on that straight and narrow—but all the same, they can’t keep away. 

Book 1, Falling for the Bad Girl, follows the story of Regan, a jewel thief from a family of habitual criminals, and Nate, a second-generation detective, who three years ago, caught her and locked her away. He’s been hot and hard for her ever since.

I think we all want to be a little bit bad at some point. How about you? Have you ever given in and released your inner bad girl?

About Nina Croft:

Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia, which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of nine-to-five work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.

Nina writes all types of romance, often mixed with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.

Connect with Nina:

Author Twitter:

Author Facebook:

Author Instagram: ninacroft_writer

Author Goodreads:


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The Russian Obsession Blog Tour + Giveaway

To uncover the truth, Max and Christa must win their toughest battle yet. 

The battle of hearts between them.  


Foreign Affairs #3

Nikki Navarre

Releasing Feb 21, 2017

Orlova remembers nothing before the night she woke in a Turkish bazaar with two
passports, two governments on her tail, and no memory of her shadowy past.
Armed only with keen wits, survival instincts and mad skills in the research
lab, Christa has three goals. Stay alive. Stay one step ahead of her hunters.
And find a cure for the Ebola bioweapon whose secret is locked in her
brainbox—before it wipes out the human race. Gypsy, loner and wild child, her
first rule of survival is never to trust.

fighter pilot Max Vasylko is a gun-for-hire smuggler who’ll fly contraband
cargo anywhere in the world, no questions asked. But he can’t fly far enough to
forget the wife and daughter who died in an Ebola outbreak. When a bioweapon
from a rogue U.S. program is to blame, Max’s mission turns personal. Find the
scientist responsible for designing the super virus—and make her pay. The last
villain he expects is Christa: a smart, sexy, scrappy survivor in hiking boots
who’s lost her own brother to the virus.  

Now Max is
flying high above the African jungle with enemy agents in his six and a sweet
redhead he’ll risk his backside to protect. Christa’s tempted to trust this
hot-as-hell jet jockey with his wildcat courage and Mafia past. But the vaccine
isn’t the only secret locked in her head. To uncover the truth, Max and Christa
must win their toughest battle yet. The battle of hearts between them.      

Guest Post: 

Her Favorite Obsessions:

Meet the Heroine from The Russian Obsession

By Nikki Navarre

I always swore I’d never write an amnesia story.  Until I met Christa.  The haunted, half-Russian viral engineer/nomad wakes in a Turkish bazaar with two passports, two governments on her tail, and no memory of her dangerous past. Christabel Orlova walked out of some shadowy recess of my psyche right into my heart.  And for Max Vasylko, cocky ex-Russian fighter pilot and gun-for-hire smuggler in my sexy spy romance The Russian Obsession, wild child Christa is (as he would say) abso-frigging perfect.

While she hopscotches from hostel to cyber café across Southeast Asia, one step ahead of the scary goons who hunt her, Christa stows a journal in her grungy backpack. And she’s a list freak. I snuck a peek over her shoulder while she scribbled at a bus station in Thailand. 

My Top Five Obsessions

1.  Cure for Ebola. Talk about obsession. I’m going to design the perfect virus—a vaccine to wipe every known strain of Ebola off the planet. Then donate it to the Red Cross and the World Health Organization so every kid in the world can be vaccinated. Someday.

2.  The Bourne Identity. Saw the film on a bus to Phuket and just…can’t…get it out of my head. And it’s not just because, you know, Matt Damon.

3.  Speaking of Jason Bourne…HAVE to get my memory back. But I’ve just about given up hoping.

4.  Tar-black coffee. Bitter and perfect. Lots of it. Getting three squares a day’s a challenge when you’re basically, um, homeless and broke. High-octane caffeine keeps me fueled.

5.  That guy I met running security at the Embassy. With his Superman shoulders and neon blue eyes and, yeah, that sexy grin. No wonder I’m obsessed. Not to mention he saved my life from those terrorists. If Major Max Vasylko ever walked through my door, I’d be in big-league trouble with a capital T…



Subject:  Nikki

Assignment:  Double

Cover:  Diplomat.
Playgirl. Author of the Foreign Affairs

is the
author of the award-winning Foreign
series and the sinister twin of unsuspecting historical
romance author Laura Navarre.  In her
other life, Nikki is a diplomat who’s lived in
Russia and works on weapons of mass destruction issues.  In the line of duty, she’s been trapped in an
elevator in a nuclear power plant and has stalked the corridors of facilities
churning out nerve agent and other apocalyptic weapons. In this capacity, she
meets many of the world’s most dangerous men.

Inspired by the perilous realities of her real life, Nikki writes romantic suspense
set in glamorous international locales and laced with political intrigue.  From her island compound in the Pacific
Northwest, she divides her time between her writing career and other adventures
for government clients.  Her notorious
exploits in the world of diplomacy will get her in trouble one of these days. 

Russian Obsession
may be the last mistake she
ever makes.

a $50 Amazon Gift Card, or One Print Set of the Foreign Affairs Novels, Books 1 – 3.

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Of Life, Death,Aliens and Zombies Blog Tour, Guest Post + Giveaway

Misnomer on purpose, this amazing debut rocks nine short and amusing stories – a Zombie Apocalypse without zombies; the Vatican announcing contact with Aliens; a heroin junkie that loves poetry; a timeless love, and much more. 
Ordinary characters facing extraordinary situations, dry humor, philosophical musing dressed as whimsical, offhand commentary, and a fairy-tale like writing; those are the key elements of the style of this funny and thought-provoking collection.
The collection comprehends three previously published stories (“The Galway Review”, “Trigger Warning”, “Two Thousand Words” and “Chantwood Magazine”); five new unpublished pieces; and for the first time in English, the best-selling story “Impurità”, which was Selected Work in 2012 by Apple iBooks.

“Very strong voice, reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges, John Fante, Kurt Vonnegut” 

– Lyn, GoodReads Top Reviewer
“An author who will stun and amaze you and make you laugh and perhaps cry” 

– Pam S. Dunn, author of Sunflower
“I haven’t really been introduced to a voice as Zeitgeisty as this since Alex Garland”

– Fabian, GoodReads Top Reviewer
“Would calling it a literary masterpiece be an exaggeration? I hope you will be able to tell me that after you read it” 

– Bernard Jan, author of Cruel Summer



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Guest Post:

My method to write regularly.

I started writing when I was very young. My first tale, The Mystery of the Mysterious Mystery Woman, started when I was seven, was also the first story to end up in the metaphorical drawer – believe it or not, a seven year old doesn’t have the time and focus to finish a full story.

Years later, I realised that this is a recurring topic for many writers and aspiring writers. I finally comprehended the old saying of that goes ideas are sold a dozen a dime. Everyone and his neighbour have a novel in progress in their head. The hard part is to sit down and write. And if in my youth years I had the time and will to write late at night – because my only concern was school – evenings don’t work in my adulthood. When I did try to write at night, I ended up drinking too much whiskey, something that gives you the confidence to write more but hinders your ability to actually write good things. And most of the time, my daily job takes up all of my mental energy, if not all of my physical one. And weekends are for family and friends, right?

So when I started my first novel, Dead Men Naked (which is going to be out soon – stay tuned by following me on twitter or visiting, I actually wrote the first chapter at night. Noticing that the idea was going somewhere, I tried multiple more nights, or weekends, to develop and finish it. Without surprise, that was a struggle, for the reasons I’ve expressed before. And that was the make it or break it moment, the moment that defined my adult self as a writer, because writing wasn’t a hobby or a egotistic idea; it was a necessity, and I needed to find a way to make it work.

And yes, I found my method by copying other great authors. I started to wake up really early in the morning, around 5am, brew a cup of coffee, meditate for fifteen minutes, and then just sit down and write, until my wife would wake up at seven and we would have breakfast together.

This method was a revelation; every morning I would be at my peak condition, physically and mentally, and were able to dedicate that time to my writing. If the first half of Dead Men Naked took six months, the second half plus editing took only two. I finally found my holy grail, and got healthier in the process (to meditate every day is the key to mental happiness).

So now, every time I have an idea ripe for consumption, I will go back to this routine of early mornings, coffee, meditation and writing. This is my secret to write, and you can see the results starting with my collection of short stories, Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies, and very soon, with my full novel – follow me on twitter or facebook to stay tuned!


DARIO CANNIZZARO was born in the sun-eaten Naples, Italy in 1982. He moved to Ireland in 2011, and has called it home ever since. He started writing short stories at seven, which are shamefully lost forever, but has never stopped writing since. His works have been published in Italian and English in Literary Magazines such as The Galway Review, Two Thousand Words and Chantwood Magazine.



This giveaway is for 1 paperback copy of the book (UK only) as a first prize and 3 digital copies of the book.

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A Fine Year Of Murder Blog Tour, Guest Post + Giveaway

Book Description:

After months of marital bliss, Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton are still discovering and adjusting to their life together. Settled in their new home, everything appears to be perfect … except in the middle of the night when, in darkest shadows of her subconscious, a deep secret from Jessica’s past creeps to the surface to make her strike out at Murphy.

When investigative journalist Dallas Walker tells the couple about her latest case, known as the Pine Bridge Massacre, they realize Jessica may have witnessed the murder of a family living near a winery owned by distant relatives she was visiting and suppressed the memory.

Determined to uncover the truth and find justice for the murder victims, Jessica and Murphy return to the scene of the crime with Dallas Walker, a spunky bull-headed Texan. Can this family reunion bring closure for a community touched by tragedy or will this prickly get-together bring an end to the Thorny Rose couple?

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Book Trailer:

Guest Post: 

The Thorny Rose Detectives— Imperfect Perfect Couple

Guest Post

By Lauren Carr

Have you ever met the perfect couple? You know the type. The man is eye candy to the ladies. The woman has a perfect figure and a fabulous wardrobe. 

Not only that, but they actually sync with each other. They are able to communicate without words. They each know what the other is thinking and are in complete agreement. 

In other words, they never argue. 

They complement each other. Where he is weak, she is strong. 

I’m talking about the type of couples that make you look at your own spouse and think, “Cupid had to have been SUI (Shooting Under the Influence) when he shot those arrows to bring us together.”

The reality is this—there’s no such thing as a perfect couple. That’s okay. 

Imperfect couples have more fun—especially when they are in the early phases of learning about each other. Some of my husband’s and my funnest moments have been when we were learning amazing and scary things about each other. After twenty-seven years of marriage, our fondest memories are of those less-than-perfect moments where we would discover something new, exciting, and Oh-My-Gosh-Are-You-Kidding-Me? about each other. 

One fight that I still love to tell people about today occurred on our first anniversary. 

My mother had rented a beach house on the Outer Banks for us to vacation at for a week. In October, the weather was still warm enough to lay out on the beach. Yet, it was off season, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

This was when I discovered that my husband does not like laying out on the beach doing nothing! Before we left to go on our vacation to relax, my husband had made a list of everything we were going to do during our week long getaway. By day four, we had completed everything on his list. Yet, we still had three days left to our seven day rental—which was all paid for by my mother! 

“Okay, so we completed everything on our list. Now we can lay on the beach and relax,” I replied when my hubby said he was ready to go home.

Showing me his written list, he said, “We did that on Saturday. Time to go home.” 

Yep, sure enough, there was a check mark next to “Lay on the Beach.” 

“Then let’s do it again,” I said.

“You mean lay on the beach all day, every day, for the rest of our vacation … doing nothing?” 

You would have thought I had suggested robbing a bank—naked!

That was when I discovered, one year after we were married, that my husband will never make a good beach bum. If I want to do nothing on my vacation, I need to do it alone or take one of my less energetic friends along.

This is the case for Lieutenant Murphy Thornton and Jessica Faraday, my newlywed detectives of the Thorny Rose Mysteries. They are not in perfect sync with each other. A graduate of the Naval Academy, Murphy is an officer who prides himself of being in perfect control—especially when it comes to his diet. He is a pescatarian. He eats fish, but no other meat. He believes in clean eating, staying away from diary, refined sugar, and other goodies. Meanwhile, Jessica enjoys steak, baked potato slathered in butter and sour cream and a terribly expensive champagne.

Married only ten months, they are just about at the point where they have just about adjusted to each other’s differences, but still too polite to be frank about each other’s eccentricities. However, when the stress of their latest case gets to them in A Fine Year for Murder, then the gloves come off, as you can see in the excerpt below:

“Have I mentioned that I don’t like your family?” 

Murphy’s low voice caught Jessica off guard. One of the things she loved about him was his ability to see the positive side of every person and situation.

At the moment, that was quite difficult. In less than twenty-four hours, she’d tried to strangle him in his sleep, he’d been burned by boiling-hot water deliberately dumped into his lap, and he’d almost been shot.

The sirens almost drowned out her response. “They’re not my family. Dad was adopted.”

“Thank you, God. Our children will be safe from their gene pool.”

Whirling away from the window through which she’d been watching Sheriff Taylor speak to Leonardo, Jessica sputtered and tried to counter his claim. “Your dad carries a grenade launcher in his SUV!”

“Your brother has a pet tarantula! What kind of grown man has a tarantula for a pet?”

“Well, at least Monique doesn’t stamp her feet at me when she wants to be fed!”

“I never stamp my feet at you!”

“I’m talking about the forty-five-pound couch potato you call a dog!”

“Excuse me!” Sheriff Taylor said loudly. Apparently, he had let himself in. “I hate to interrupt this moment of marital bliss, but I have a dead body down in the parking lot, and witnesses are telling me that the shooter is in this room.”

Murphy raised his hand as though he were a student trying to get the teacher’s attention. “That would be me.”

Author’s Bio:

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, romance, and humor.

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs (including the real Gnarly) on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with Lauren: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook


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Seasons Within Blog Tour Guest Post + Giveaway

Seasons Within
Lele Iturrioz
(Acorn Publishing)
Publication date: December 15th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Most teenage girls know their name, where they came from, who they are. Not G, a beautiful redhead with unusual markings on her wrist. She gets her name from a silver locket she keeps around her neck, unaware the engraved letter “G” on its front holds the secret to her past.

G’s life before the age of six has been a mystery to her. Each night for the last twelve years she’s been haunted by the same nightmare—a war. Horrendous beasts, warriors able to wield the four elements, and a boy who saves her by means of blue fire taunt her memory. But on her eighteenth birthday, G’s life begins to unravel. When she meets her new Chemistry professor, a man with an uncanny resemblance to the boy who saves her, she knows there must be more to her dreams.

It’s dangerous not knowing who you are, what you’re capable of, and what future awaits you. Especially when the darkness that slaughtered your entire world, just found you.

Goodreads / Amazon

Gust Post: 

What inspired me to write Seasons Within

A year and a half ago I was living in Vancouver, Canada. I had no working visa, nor family or close friends so I was most of the time stuck in my house working on a previous book (book that I hope I can someday publish). To pass the time I used to love taking my headphones and tour around the city. I used to take the sky train for hours, looking through the window, imagining what the people on that train were going through or trying to understand some of the unusual reactions from some of the passengers.

One windy day in October, I took a ride on the sky train and I was so distracted that I got out a few stops away from my house. I remember I was listening to my shuffle playlist when it switched to Breath of Life by Florence and the Machine. (If you haven’t heard this epic song, open YouTube, copy the title/name and enjoy!) That day, the street was covered with hundreds of leaves. All of them were red and pretty big.

As I walked through the street, the wind came and made all the leaves fly. The mix between the epic music, and the dancing leafs was beyond incredible! I got so excited that I began to dance among the flying leaves. So I was there, shaking my arms and jumping around a bunch of leaves looking like a crazy person but then… Boom! It happened, for a moment there I felt like I was the one wielding the leaves. As if they were following the movements of my hands.

I remembered that for a second I saw her, bright red hair, just like the leaves, fair skin and intense grey eyes. I sat down on the street and wrote pages and pages of G, a girl who had the power to move Nature in a world that was possible. I began to imagine Terra, their cities with floating temples, the horrendous beasts that prayed on the villagers, the main characters, the romance, the adventure, the rules and then, I was hooked. 

Author Bio:

Major geek by day, hermit writer by night! Love books, sugar gliders and everything that comes in a delicious taco.

I’m the author of the YA fantasy series, Seasons Within

I spend my time writing, planning on writing, reading, drinking coffee like there was no tomorrow, MMA and chilling with my friends and loved ones.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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Lords Of Love and Legends Book Tour, Guest Post + Giveaway

From USA Today Bestselling and
National Award-winning Authors

Allie Mackay, Brenda Jernigan and Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Four magical tales of timeless desire



Allie Mackay, Brenda Jernigan, Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Genre: Historical Romance, Scottish Romance, Regency Romance
Series: Legends Series, Book 2
Publisher: Scott Publishing
Publication Date: January 9, 2017

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Lords of Love and Legends introduces you to lords and ladies who live and love in a world of magic and enchantment. The long ago days we dream about is their reality. In this collection, our heroes and heroines will take you there. Along the way, you’ll see them meet and fall in love, and you’ll share their happy-ever-after ending.

We’d like to thank you for joining them. We’ll leave the page here so they can whisk you away.


USA Today Bestselling and National Award-winning Authors Sue-Ellen Welfonder (aka Allie Mackay) and Brenda Jernigan sweep you into a long ago world of breathtaking passion and adventure where myth and legend was real, danger abounded, and lords and ladies risked everything for love!

Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder… When a Highland lass meets a dashing stranger in an enchanted place, she gladly gives her heart – and her passion – to the lover she only knows as the Lord of Winter.

The Duke’s Lady by Brenda Jernigan… If you yearn for classic romance with noblemen, ladies, and intrigue, complete with a magnificent Cornish setting, this is your tale…

Some Like It Kilted by Allie Mackay… A legendary Highland chieftain and a modern American woman aren’t prepared for the passion that flares between them, or the ancient secrets that would tear them apart.

The Wicked Lady by Brenda Jernigan… If you like humor and a fun-filled read…this one is for you… When Trevor Claremont is blind-sided by a pickpocket, he isn’t prepared for the feisty redhead who he finds is one wicked lady.

Treat yourself to hours of reading enjoyment with this beautiful collection of unforgettable romance!

Purchase Links:

Grab your copy today. Lords of Love and Legends is available at:




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Guest Post: 

Why I love My Hero

By Allie Mackay (aka Sue-Ellen Welfonder) 

SOME LIKE IT KILTED is my favorite book and the reason I love it so much is the hero…

          Bran MacNeil is a 14th C. Highland chieftain, known as Bran of Barra. He is also a time-traveler and a ghost, and I’m so happy to share his book in LORDS OF LOVE and LEGENDS: Magical Tales of Timeless Desire. 

     Bran is big, strapping, and bold. He’s lusty, gives great neck nuzzles, and he has a wonderful sense of humor. He’s honorable. He also loves dogs and has a really great one. He’s unashamedly roguish, generous to his friends, and he loves his home as only a Highlander can: with a passion so strong that even the passing of 700 years can’t dim his attachment to Barra.

     As a ghost, he’s been there all that time, enjoying living the high life with his spectral friends. Bran of Barra wasn’t cursed into his ghostly state. Nor does he wish to undo his otherworldly existence. Indeed, he loves being a ghost.

     The last thing he wants is for his world to change.

     Unfortunately, his heroine Mindy brings change and more into Bran’s life.  (I used life deliberately, because Bran would be the first to tell you that he lives, and quite well)  Mindy has been unlucky in love and when she unexpectedly inherits a Scottish castle that’s been transported stone-by-stone to Pennsylvania, things take an even worse turn.

     She’s forced to see the castle restored to its original setting, the remote Isle of Barra in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. The transplanted castle is Bran’s beloved tower. But until Mindy arrived on the scene, he’d lived in bliss, unaware that in the world of the moderns, his stone-and-mortar home had been dismantled and sent across an ocean.

     Now he knows. And he’s not happy. 

     His heroine Mindy wasn’t pleased either. But I loved writing her. She was a fun character for me, for many reasons. Like me, she’s an ex-flight attendant. Much of what she says or thinks about her flying days comes from my own airline career. And while I love Scotland, she dreaded going there. To her, the Highlands meant cold, mist, and rain.  A place filled with sheep, haggis, rock, and bogs, with little else to commend it.  

     I love all those things, including rain and haggis. Mindy lives for summer, sunshine, and soaring temperatures.

     Mindy does fall under the spell of the Highlands, eventually. But she kept me hopping as I wrote her because she didn’t share my passion for wild places and even wilder weather. I really loved seeing her come around. I knew she would as I’d dare anyone to go to Scotland and not fall in love.  

     And how could she resist Bran? I certainly couldn’t and I hope you’ll enjoy watching them find the love they never expected and both deserved so much.  


Sometime it is better to give you a excerpt from the book to see if you will like it, so this is from THE DUKE’S LADY. ~ From Brenda Jernigan

Images filled her dark world.

First, a flash of blue—beautiful, tranquil—then flashes of white as two ships bobbed like tiny corks in the middle of a stormy sapphire sea. Billowing canvas sails flapped in the wind, catching her attention just before someone yelled, “Come about!”

Suddenly, a loud explosion jarred her, followed by shouts of panic from all directions. The sails came tumbling down, and she saw blood . . . lots of blood.

Jewel tossed and turned in her fever-induced sleep, trying to cry for help, but the sound wouldn’t come.

Somewhere a man screamed in agony. Blood oozed between his fingers as he turned and glared at her. She gasped at the sight. His cheek had been ripped open from his mouth to his ear.

The grotesque face was too close for comfort as he reached out and grabbed her wrist, sending the small, bloody knife she held skittering across the deck. Jewel tried to swing out, but someone held her arms. She couldn’t move.

She couldn’t breathe.

She was going to die.

When she looked again, her attacker had disappeared, and Jewel slipped back into the timeless void she’d been in before.

Peaceful sleep … no pain. Such a blissful state. She wanted to stay here forever.

She felt something cool on her forehead, and her eyelids fluttered open and she found herself staring into the Devil’s black eyes. Her bottom lip quivered as she pleaded, “Please, don’t hurt me.”

The words had barely been uttered before she drifted back into a foggy state of sleep. She felt the comfort and warmth of the Devil, and vaguely heard his softly spoken words, which left her with a feeling of contentment.

Strong arms cradled her close, yet she sensed those same arms were capable of crushing the very life from her body. But for now they offered her comfort.


Thank you so much, Books, Dreams, and Life, for hosting us today. It was fun sharing a bit about the hero and heroine of SOME LIKE IT KILTED, my all-time favorite book. I hope readers will enjoy meeting Bran and Mindy.

Allie Mackay (aka Sue-Ellen Welfonder)

Thank you so much, Books, Dreams, and Life, for hosting us today. It was fun sharing a bit about THE DUKE’S LADY, my favorite hero.

Brenda Jernigan

About the Authors

Allie Mackay

“Mackay is a master at penning magical tales of love across the ages.”
~ Fresh Fiction

Allie Mackay is the pseudonym for USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder who won Romantic Times Best Historical Romance Award for her debut title, Devil in a Kilt. Many of her books have been RT Award nominees, and most have received RT Top Picks and K.I.S.S. Hero Awards. She is thrilled to be an Amazon All-Star Author, and a winner of InD’Tale’s RONE Award. Her favorite reader compliment is that her stories transport them to medieval Scotland, the setting of most of her books. She has three grand passions: Scotland, the paranormal, and animals. All can be found in her fun and sexy, light-hearted paranormal romances.

Brenda Jernigan

“Brenda Jernigan writes Romance, Adventure and Magic.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly

Brenda Jernigan is a Bestselling Author. Her books have been nominated for many awards – Book Seller’s Best Award, The Maggie Award, and The Holt Medallion Award. 
She grew up living the life of a tomboy – climbing trees, playing ball, and excluding starry-eyed romance from her daily repertoire.
Brenda discovered the love for books while taking her son to Story Hour at the local library – she was hooked. 
She figured having the same birthday as Ernest Hemingway couldn’t hurt.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder

“Sue-Ellen Welfonder brings legends and love to life.”
~ Fresh Fiction

USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder won Romantic Times Best Historical Romance Award for her debut title, Devil in a Kilt.  Many of her books have been RT Award nominees, and have received RT Top Picks and K.I.S.S. Hero Awards. She is thrilled to be an Amazon All-Star Author, and a winner of InD’Tale’s RONE Award. Her favorite reader compliment is that her stories transport them to medieval Scotland, the setting of most of her books.  She is also known for her strong heroines, Alpha heroes, and weaving Highland magic and humor into her tales.

Sue-Ellen also writes as Allie Mackay, penning contemporary paranormals, mostly set in the Scottish Highlands

Visit the author’s official websites
Allie Mackay:

Brenda Jernigan:

Sue-Ellen Welfonder:

Follow the authors on social media
Brenda Jernigan:  Facebook | Twitter | Amazon| Goodreads

Sue-Ellen Welfonder: Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter

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You’re The Cream In My Coffee Guest Post

You’re the Cream in My Coffee by Jennifer Lamont Leo

Publication Date: September 15, 2016
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
eBook & Paperback; 292 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Christian

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In 1928, Chicago rocks to the rhythm of the Jazz Age, and Prohibition is in full swing. Small-town girl Marjorie Corrigan, visiting the city for the first time, has sworn that coffee’s the strongest drink that will pass her lips. But her quiet, orderly life turns topsy-turvy when she spots her high school sweetheart–presumed killed in the Great War–alive and well in a train station. Suddenly everything is up for grabs.

Although the stranger insists he’s not who she thinks he is, Marjorie becomes obsessed with finding out the truth. To the dismay of her fiancé and family, she moves to the city and takes a job at a department store so she can spy on him. Meanwhile, the glittering world of her roommate, Dot, begins to look awfully enticing–especially when the object of her obsession seems to be part of that world. Is it really so terrible to bob her hair and shorten her skirt? To visit a speakeasy? Just for a cup of coffee, of course.

But what about her scruples? What about the successful young doctor to whom she’s engaged, who keeps begging her to come back home where she belongs? And what, exactly, is going on at the store’s loading dock so late at night?

Amid a whirlwind of trials and temptations, Marjorie must make a choice. Will the mystery man prove to be the cream in her coffee–the missing ingredient to the life she yearns for? Or will he leave only bitterness in her heart?

The cat’s pajamas! Rich in jazzy details of 1920s Chicago, You’re the Cream in My Coffee is a sparkling debut novel. With an adventurous heroine, intriguing side characters, and a thought-provoking message, this story will keep you riveted. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a name to watch in historical fiction!” -Sarah Sundin, award-winning author of Anchor in the Storm

Every single inch of this novel is delightful. From the start Marjorie Corrigan felt like a friend, one I was glad to see each time I returned to her story. With charming characters and a plot that keeps moving, this is a novel you don’t want to miss. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a fresh voice in Christian fiction. I can’t wait to read more of her work.” -Susie Finkbeiner, author of A Cup of Dust: A Novel of the Dust Bowl

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-a-Million | IndieBound

Guest Post:

“So do the characters read the Bible, or what?”

The whys and wherefores of Christian historical fiction

by Jennifer Lamont Leo

As an author of Christian (sometimes called “inspirational”) historical fiction, I’m often asked “What does that mean, exactly? And what kinds of readers pick up your books?”

In a 2016 Publishers Weekly article, Christian fiction was estimated to be a $75-$85 million market, within which, according to industry insiders, the historical-fiction category is going strong.

In many ways, a good Christian historical features the same qualities as any good historical: great storytelling, captivating characters, a compelling time period, interesting locales, and impeccable research. Settings run the gamut from ancient Rome through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Regency and Victorian periods, right on through the 1960s (1970 is the generally accepted cut-off point to be called “historical.”) Recently popular time periods in Christian fiction have included the American Civil War, the settling of the American West, and World War II. (Having set my own novel in the Roaring Twenties, I am, of course, hopeful that readers will soon develop a taste for gangsters and gun molls. Time will tell!) 

The chief distinction of Christian novels is the worldview they portray. Simply stated, Christian fiction portrays the Christian faith in a positive light and upholds biblical values. In this respect, it is no different from any other fiction that reflects the worldview of its author, whether atheist, Buddhist, feminist, environmentalist or any other -ist. 

The “faith” element can be readily apparent, with characters shown praying, reading the Bible, expressing faith in God, and attending church. Or it can be subtle; there might be no overt mention of God or churchgoing, yet themes such as redemption, forgiveness, or sacrifice are woven throughout, presented from a Christian perspective. Skilled authors handle these topics without earning the dreaded label, “preachy.”

Traditionally, Christian historical fiction has also been set apart by what it does not offer the reader, namely,  profanity, obscenity, and graphic depictions of sex and violence meant to titillate or shock. (In other words, if a character utters the name of Jesus Christ, you can be sure he’s praying, not swearing.) I say “traditionally” because some edgier authors and publishers are pushing the boundaries of what used to be considered acceptable. And some necessary but discomforting depictions might be justified to serve the larger story—as in, say, the death of a martyr. But by and large, readers of Christian fiction whether Christians themselves or not) can be reasonably sure they will not be exposed to unnecessarily offensive content. While a “clean” read is not necessarily a Christian novel, a Christian novel is almost certainly a clean read.  

Which is not to say it’s not intellectually or morally challenging. Characters often grapple with spiritual matters, question their faith, experience doubt, and struggle mightily in their journeys as Christ-followers. “Christian” does not necessarily mean “sweet and simple,” stereotypes to the contrary. But it does treat these issues with dignity and respect. 

While some readers pick up Christian historical fiction because they want a clean, entertaining read,  others are looking for something meatier to chew on. Many people today have a deep spiritual thirst. During a time of tremendous upheaval and uncertainty, when traditional morals are declining and Christian values are mocked on many fronts, some readers are looking for strength and consolation. Others appreciate entertainment that’s God-honoring. And others, I’m sure, just want to see what all the fuss is about.

What’s your opinion of inspirational fiction? Do you find the “Christian” label attractive, repellent, or neither? Why?

About the Author

With a passion for all things historical, Jennifer Lamont Leo captures readers’ hearts through stories set in times gone by. She is also a copywriter, editor, and journalist. An Illinois native, she holds a deep affection for Chicago and its rich history. Today she writes from the mountains of northern Idaho, where she shares her home with her husband, two cats, and abundant wildlife.

For more information, please visit Jennifer’s website and blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.