Treacherous Deceit Book Tour + Giveaway

Treacherous Deceit

By Zola Blue

Genre: Adventure, Thriller, Mystery


In the Yukon, nothing is more important than family. Loyalty to her

family is what Mona must face when her Grandfather, who rescued her

from death as a child and raised her as his own tells her she must

return to the Yukon from New York to go into the mountains and search

for the ancient village of gold that is her legacy.

Convinced that the ancient village exists, her grandfather sent his team on

ATV’s to find it while commissioning his adopted son Jonas to lead

the others, including his cherished granddaughter.

Jonas is happy to lead the expedition while planning on somehow getting Mona alone. His plan goes astray when they are forced to team with four other unexpected

seekers, including Bryan, a geologist who immediately falls for Mona

and becomes an interference for Jonas. The team overcomes severe

obstacles, setbacks, and loss of lives while traveling through water

filled caves and treacherous mountain passages.

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When I allowed God to take over my life, over the years, he healed my

heart and with the guidance of his Holy Spirit, a new life developed

within me. God put a new dream in my heart. Over the years, I spent

several years in the US Air Force, and later achieved a BA in

Psychology and the academic level of Master’s Degree in Business

and currently work as a professional in the insurance industry.

Married, I live with my husband and sweet puppy Tomasina. I have two

books currently published, Porcelain Doll and Treacherous Deceit and

I am currently finishing my third, a fantasy series called “The

Kingdom of the Mejuar.”

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