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Title: Legacy Lost

Series: Hell’s Valley #2

By: Jillian David

Publication Date: March 27, 2017

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance


Growing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson found the family he’d always wanted. Almost. He couldn’t ever manage to see the clan’s youngest and only daughter, stubborn spitfire Shelby, quite like a little sister. Suddenly, his long-suppressed feelings are determined to come to light.

Too bad Shelby’s cursed. Her double whammy psychic powers to read emotions and locate anyone anywhere have always made relationships impossible—and now they’ve begun to endanger her life. If she uses her echolocation skills again, it just might kill her.

But when a malevolent supernatural force invades the valley, threatening the Taggarts and their neighbors, the Brands, Eric and Shelby must contend with both their blossoming feelings and the increasing danger. Does Shelby dare risk using her powers one more time, sacrificing her own life to save Eric?

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“Here’s the deal, Shel. If you’re ever with me, you have to open up to me. Completely.”

“Completely?” she whispered.

Dipping his lips to her ears, his voice vibrated every bone of her body. “Every. Whimper.” He traced the shell of her ear with his tongue, and her heart stopped. “Every time you squirm, wanting more. And I want to bring you more. Create your pleasure. Become your pleasure. Be responsible for making you scream my name. I want you to be mine. I don’t want to have just something. I want you. Body. Mind. All of it. Or nothing.”

Jillian David lives near the end of the Earth with her nut of a husband and two bossy cats. To escape the sometimes-stressful world of the rural physician, she writes while on call and in her free time. She enjoys taking realistic settings and adding a twist of “what if.” Running or hiking on local trails often promotes plot development.

Social Media Links

Website – http://www.jilliandavid.net

Twitter – @jilliandavid13

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/authorjilliandavid/

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/11160691.Jillian_David

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