The Good Spy That Dies Twice Book Blast + Giveaway 

The Good Spy Dies Twice

by Mark Hosack


GENRE: Thriller



“The Good Spy Dies Twice,” the cryptic final words from a condemned death row inmate draw Jake Boxer, the one-time king of cable news, out of retirement, setting him on a collision course with a deadly global conspiracy involving his secretive wife, a depraved New World Order, and the “guests” at a posh Alaskan ski resort. Everyone is a suspect. Part spy thriller, part whodunit, “The Good Spy Dies Twice” is the first book in Mark Hosack’s explosive new thriller series, Bullseye. Called “an undeniably spry and rousing espionage tale” by Kirkus Reviews.



He heard it…he finally heard it!

Well, he thought he’d heard it. He couldn’t be sure. His head was still ringing from a massive—and quite unexpected—electrical shock. 

One minute Brody had been climbing an old chain-link fence that encircled the mountain—listening intently through his headphones—the next he was flailing backward, thrown by an electrical jolt that had struck like lightning. 

Only it wasn’t lightning. 

The shock had most definitely come from that fence.

Brody had landed flat on his back on the frozen earth, and the impact had knocked the wind out of him.

Now gasping, he sucked on the cold Russian air, his body desperate for oxygen, but his mind racing for something else. 

The sound he’d heard while climbing the fence—the one that had practically  vibrated the headphones right off his head—that hum…it was real! And it was right there on his—

Audio recorder.

Oh, shit. 

Where was it? His recorder?

His headphones were still on his head, but his audio recorder had bounced out of its satchel. It had been a short fall, just ten feet or so. It couldn’t have gone far, and so long as it wasn’t damaged…

His heart sank into his guts.

What if it was broken? After traveling thousands of miles to Russia? After stealing away from his sleeping fiancée in the dead of the night and driving for nearly twenty-four hours, nonstop? After sneaking into an abandoned Soviet-era military installation? 


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6 thoughts on “The Good Spy That Dies Twice Book Blast + Giveaway 

  1. Many thanks for hosting the tour! If anyone has any questions… or if you just want to say “Hi” … be sure to hit me up in the comments. It might take me a beat to get back to you… I’m on the road driving today, but I’ll be around this afternoon for sure. Thanks all!


  2. I love the blurb for The Good Spy Dies Twice. My Grandfather would have adored this book, he always had a stack of spy thrillers setting on a table by his chair. No doubt that explains my love of this genre. Between a striking cover & the excerpt, oh yeah, I’m reading this one! Thanks for a great review 🙂


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