Storm Ketchum Adventures Book Tour + Giveaway

Port Starbird

Storm Ketchum Adventures Book 1

by Garrett Dennis

Genre: Mystery, Historical Adventure


Mystery, History, and Adventure in the Outer Banks!


Find out in this quirky tale set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Inthis quirky low-key murder mystery/adventure, Storm Ketchum, a

damaged emigre to the coastal town of Avon on North Carolina’s Outer

Banks, likes to mind his own business and isn’t any kind of detective

– until he’s forced to become one by extraordinary circumstances. On

the verge of losing his modest waterfront home to an unscrupulous

developer, Ketch stumbles onto the scene of a crime that might expose

the perpetrator of an unsolved murder and enable him to save not only

his own home, but also the similarly threatened bohemian boatyard

community he’s inexorably drawn into. And in case Plan A fails, he’s

hard at work on a Plan B that’s both laudable and pitiable. Together

with his loyal dog, a salty charter boat captain, the sketchy

denizens of the boatyard, and an alluring scuba diving instructor who

may or may not have a hidden agenda, Ketch struggles to make sense of

his new reality, while trying to save some of the things that really

matter along the way.

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Port of Refuge

Storm Ketchum Adventures Book 2



Welcome to PORT OF REFUGE – another light and quirky island mystery steeped

in Outer Banks culture, from the author who took you to PORT


Storm Ketchum, a damaged emigre to Hatteras Island on North Carolina’s

Outer Banks, generally prefers to stay close to home and mind his own

business – but he unexpectedly finds himself entangled with a

cult-like coven of modern-day Roanoke Island witches when a relative

of his paramour meets an untimely end on church property. Is the High

Priestess of the Croatoan Covenant Church really in contact with the

departed spirits of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island? Are the

members of her church really from both this world and the next? Or is

she just a con artist preying on gullible Wiccan acolytes – and is

she a killer? A desire to provide closure for the family drives Ketch

to once again call on his amateur sleuthing skills to conjure up

answers to these and other questions, in the process risking the

physical and spiritual well-being of both himself and the one he


Join Ketch, his loyal dog Jack, and his Kinnakeet Boatyard friends as they

embark on a bewitching new adventure in the picturesque Outer Banks,

where intrigue continues to cast its spell on them all.

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The Port Fee

Storm Ketchum Adventure Book 3



Underwater, everybody can hear you scream, but they can’t tell where you are…

Ketch is at it again in the magical Outer Banks of North Carolina, in this

new adventure from the author of PORT STARBIRD and PORT OF REFUGE.

It’s a picture-perfect summer afternoon on a pristine beach near a ghost

seaport on an uninhabited island. What could go wrong? But things do,

when two bodies wash ashore and Ketch stumbles upon clues that lead

to the sunken treasure of an old-time buccaneer off Portsmouth

Island. Ketch isn’t the only one who has an interest in the treasure,

and it exposes both him and his adversaries to unexpected obligations

and consequences. It seems everyone has to pay the port fee…

Good guys and bad guys, boating and diving, a dash of romance, and a

mysterious otherworldly presence all come together in THE PORT FEE,

Ketch’s most challenging adventure to date.

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Garrett lives in upstate New York, where he and his wife serve as

housekeeping staff for two rather spoiled dogs. He has graduate

degrees in biology and computer science. After a career that ranged

from testing experimental drugs (legal ones, and not on himself!) to

developing computer operating system software, he decided to retire

from the real world and try his hand at writing fiction. Garrett

lived in coastal North Carolina for a while some years back, and the

current focus of his writing is a place that’s very special to him,

the Outer Banks region of North Carolina, which he still visits as

often as possible. There are now three books in his Storm Ketchum

Adventures series of quirky Outer Banks suspense novels, plus two

short Storm Ketchum Tales. 

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2 thoughts on “Storm Ketchum Adventures Book Tour + Giveaway

  1. Love the covers on the different Storm Ketchum books! I really like the excerpts for the books in the series & can’t wait to read them all!


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