To Dance With Angels Release Blitz + Giveaway

KC Cullen has released her debut novel, To Dance With Angels. Continue for a sexy excerpt and enter the international giveaway.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: February 28th 2017

Purchase: Amazon


Since she was a little girl, Kyra Byrne sacrificed everything for her dream to be a prima ballerina, braving broken toes and scheming rivals. Now the dream is finally within reach: she’s a soloist at a prestigious Boston company, her tumultuous past safely behind her.

But all that is put at risk when the company brings in a new choreographer, the smoldering Damien Delacroix with the sexy accent, rebellious tattoos, rippling abs, and scandalous reputation, a man who’s ruined as many careers as he’s built up. And the moment he walks into the studio, Damien only has eyes for Kyra.

Against the wishes of everyone from Kyra’s boss to the drama-queen prima, he casts Kyra as the lead in his new ballet. This could be the break she needed so badly—or it could be her ruin when her past begins to resurface in unpredictable ways. As Damien and Kyra’s chemistry sizzles on and off the stage, she realizes she’s in too deep. Kyra never dreamed of risking everything she worked so hard for, everything she painstakingly built—all for a man. But with the premiere looming and with the other dancers gunning for her downfall, she could lose more than her heart. 

We’re dancing an intricate pas de deux:
I trust him to lift me up to the heavens and drop me and catch me and lower me
down, easy and smooth as an autumn leaf in the wind. It’s thrilling to trust
him. My thighs quiver and part as his fingertips slip under the hem of my
dress, and I remember once again, with sudden shocking clarity, that I’m not
wearing underwear.

He gives a half-sigh, half-groan into my
mouth as his fingers run up my inner thigh. Electricity travels in their wake.

My thighs snap closed as if on command,
trapping his hand between them. I close my mouth, catching his lower lip with
my teeth. “No,” I groan into his kiss. He grasps my thigh, his grip every bit
as strong as when he made me soar under the studio ceiling. It makes me think
of all the other ways he can make me soar—with those hands, with those lips and
tongue, with the thing straining at the zipper of his jeans. I had
underestimated the strength humming within him, an electric storm, a natural
disaster that nothing can stop. A primal force. This is what makes his dancing
so compelling, his choreography so soul-grinding. He pushes my legs apart again
and his hand dives further down until his fingertips reach the spot where my
thigh meets my crotch. Only a quarter of an inch higher, and—

I pull away, twisting out of his embrace.
I’m panting and my heart thunders; there’s another thundering pulse between my
legs. I’ve never wanted anyone this badly. 

About the Author

YA author by day, KC Cullen writes romance and romantic suspense by night. Her debut, TO DANCE WITH ANGELS, will be released on February 28, 2017. She lives in northern Ontario with her husband, two teenagers, and hyperactive Dalmatian.


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9 thoughts on “To Dance With Angels Release Blitz + Giveaway

  1. To Dance with Angels sounds like a good read. Becoming a prima ballerina is on the same level as an Olympic gymnast, years of work to achieve a dream. What a dilemna for Kyra ~ can she have it all or ? Adding this book to my list of must reads 🙂


  2. I truly enjoyed this brief excerpt, and am definitely adding this to my TBR! This book looks so intense and passionate– two elements that I believe are reflected in the cover as well in the art/study of ballet.


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