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Inheritance of Love

il était une foi (Once upon a time)- Book 1

By Carol Cadoo

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance


Bennett Montgomery was the bachelor at large of his generation in San

Francisco with no problems and no responsibility except to show up

and look pretty on the red carpet. But overnight he was forced into a

situation where he had to grow up and take the reins of the family

business or risk losing it.

His assistant gave him the devastating

news that he had the responsibility but none of the money or control

until and unless he was married by thirty three. That started a

series of events in his life that put him on a collision course with

his past, the future and his present.

Chevon Bouche grew up fast after she

lost her parents in a horrible car accident. She was left on her own

to run the family business. Scheduled to marry her longtime boyfriend

and settle into a life of boredom and babies. When in her heart she

wanted to sing like a bird on the stages of the best Opera’s houses

in in the world.

After an unexpected meeting with

Bennett, Chevon’s life was thrown pell mell into a new life of

glamour and prestige she never dreamed possible. But because of

Bennett’s past there were complications that threatened their

contracted union and other women were the least of the problem.

Chevon and Bennett were forced to make a decision but would they

decide on the money or an inheritance of love.

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I love writing Chick Lit/ Romance. I recently re-edited and reapplied

the lipstick of my Chic Lit Serial, Deja Vu of Love. The series

starts off with Deja Vu Packing for the Journey the first book of the

story in the Deja Vu Series. As a writer, I am partial to using a

third person multiple POV style of writing. Although not well known

it is frequently used in Romance and other genres where multiple

points of views add to the depth and value of the story line and

character interactions.

I prefer moving the story along through the use of dialogue versus

narrative. I think it’s because I can give a distinct voice to all my

characters. As a writer, I believe that dialogue helps define the

characters as breathing, warm blooded people. I write about real

women with flaws who are strong and confident and ready to live life.

Women like all of us who don’t always have dinner ready on the

table. The one who acts inappropriately at PTA meetings once in a

blue moon you know the girl I’m talking about, it’s you.

I enjoy watching my characters grow and change as the story of their

lives unfolds. I try not to be a control freak and let the characters

write the story after all, it’s their life.

So if you’re a reader who likes to hear the voice of your characters

and share their POV I’m your next favorite writer LOL

Just a little something about me I’m a retired Actress, Director,

Choreographer, who discovered her real passion in life, was writing.

I have two sons Zachary and Garette I also have two doggie kids Hazel

and Harry. My free time is spent in the garden enjoying nature,

decorating, and writing. I would love to have feedback from readers I

think we are always curious about what people think of our work.

So, here is my suggestion get a great glass of red wine, start the bubble

bath grab a couple of chocolate covered caramels with sea salt and

enjoy a good book. I hope you love and enjoy reading the characters

with minimally twice the enjoyment I had writing them to life.

May you enjoy all the bad boys of romance with none of the pain.

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Vu of Love- San Francisco (Book 2)



Vu of Love- Zurich (Book 3)



Vu of Love- New York (Book 4)



Vu of Love- Coming Home (Book 5)



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