Sweet Pursuits Blog Tour

About the Book

What’s the
recipe for a second chance at love?

After six blissful years with scientist boyfriend
Owen, Bella Beecham was convinced he was about to pop the question she’d been
longing to hear. Instead, he accepted a prestigious job in California and left
England without a backwards glance. Now, Owen’s back in the village of Saffron
Sweeting, and appears to be more eligible than ever. Bella’s determined that
the man of her dreams won’t slip through her fingers again.

But her plans to tone up, trim down, and tempt
Owen back into her life prove bittersweet. Although Bella’s talent for baking
wins her new friends, her tasty treats have a disconcerting tendency to
sabotage her own intentions. And as her increasingly bold attempts to recapture
Owen’s heart stumble, Bella must question whether she’s chasing a guy who wants
to be caught.

A British romantic comedy featuring both familiar
characters and fresh faces, Sweet Pursuits explores how a young woman seeking
her soulmate must first learn to love herself.

                      My Review: 

A cute story this was to read on a snowy day curled up on the couch. I enjoyed reading this.  If you like chick lite books this would be for you. 

The book had some great Characters. Bella sometimes just got on my nerves beacuse she wanted to change for her ex boyfriend Owen. I don’t like it when you need to change your self for a guy. He should love you for who you are including your body. 

The story was very well written. The plot was good it kept me turning the pages. A charming story for sure but the only bad part about it was wanting to eat sweets while reading.  

Overall a really enjoyable read that you should check out if you like chick lite reads. 

Tour Schedule

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February 7 – Spunky N Sassy

February 8 – Whispering Stories

Feruary 8 – Selina

February 10 – Awesome Clubs

February 10 – Books Dreams Life

February 13 – Jersey Girl Book Reviews

February 13 – Book Lover in Florida

Author Bio

by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she
admits to occasional yearnings for afternoon tea and historic homes.

debut novel, Saving Saffron Sweeting, reached the quarter final of the
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and was a number one Kindle Best Seller. The
stand-alone prequel, Secrets in the Sky, was reviewed by Publishers
as ‘an enticing read’. Sweet Pursuits is the third book in
the series. 

not writing, Pauline can be found pursuing The Serenity Project, her year-long
attempt to slow down and appreciate life. She also likes to ponder how many
miles she has to run to justify an extra piece of cake, and is fond of
daydreaming about flying herself and a reader to London for afternoon tea.




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