Kramer and Shadow Crime Mysteries Book Tour + Giveaway

The Pits

Kramer and Shadow Book 1

by Greg Smith

  Genre: Crime Mystery, Action, Thriller


THE PITS, a contemporary crime novel, tells the story of Captain Kramer,

USMC, a compassionate, intelligent man, who rescues a pup from the

scene of a car bombing while on deployment to Afghanistan. The pup is

named Shadow, and accompanies Kramer back to Oceanside, California.

They commit themselves to a campaign which has them fighting for

their lives during an FBI operation to bring down a crime boss based

in Florida.


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You Can Run

 Kramer and Shadow Book 2


Captain Kramer, USMC, and his faithful four-footer partner, Sgt. Shadow,

USMC, both survive their first operation assisting the FBI in

bringing down the empire of a major crime boss in America. But more

is in store for the two Marines in yet another FBI operation to tie

up loose ends from the previous op. This time the action is more

intense and proves too costly for the Marines. 


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Lex Talionis

(An Eye For an Eye)

Kramer and Shadow Book 3

A woman out for revenge. America took her husband. America will pay

10,000 fold!

 Only Kramer and his Anatolian Shepherd, Shadow, stand in her way. But

will they be enough to stop her?







The advent of retirement opened a whole new world to me and now that it

has come to pass, I am turning my artistic bent from graphic design

and illustration to that of writing.

To date I have published three books, KILLING SOFTLY (an erotic mystery

thriller), and begun an action crime series centered on two

characters, Captain Kramer, USMC and his Anatolian Shepherd dog, Sgt.

Shadow, USMC. Book One of the series is THE PITS, Book Two is YOU CAN

RUN, and at the time of this bibliography rewrite, I am working on


 The Kramer and Shadow series is an action, adventure, crime thriller

series that encompasses the world and has our two Marines fighting

hard against organized crime at many levels – but always involving

do-or-die confrontations.

 My hope is to establish a fan base for my writing so that my readers can

have an active role in helping me grow and develop as an author in

the years to come. I invite you to join me in this adventure.


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