Unlocking The Bible Review

The Bible is the bestselling, most read, most beloved, most criticized, most neglected, and most antagonizing book in history. It’s also the most misunderstood–sometimes even by those who claim to follow its teachings. So what exactly is it? Who wrote it and how did those writings come together into what we now know as the Bible? And how do we know we can trust what it says?

For the curious reader, whether a lifelong Christian, a new believer, or an unconvinced skeptic, Unlocking the Bible provides the answers to these questions and more. In easy-to-understand language, it covers the Bible’s origin, its transmission throughout history, its trustworthiness, and its significance.

                       ~My Thoughts~

Unlocking the Bible is broken into two main parts. The first part explores at what Lasseigne calls “The Big Picture.”The second half of Unlocking the Bible contains the “Books of the Bible.” 

The first part is simple, straightforward information that could be found in any reputable Bibliology.The second part is  Every book of the Bible is treated covered with a few pages each. 

This book is especially helpful for new believers or believers who have no idea what the Bible is about, and how it fits together or where to start reading. I am very thankful that this book is here to help us out. A very well recommend book. 

I received a free copy of this book from Baker Books for an honest review. 



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