Greek For Everyone

Reading the New Testament in its original language is one of the most effective ways to gain a greater understanding of the message of the Bible. Yet many who are called to ministry will not be able to dedicate years of study to master the language. Greek for Everyone allows pastors, Bible study instructors, Sunday school teachers, and serious lay students of the Bible to learn the basics of biblical Greek at their own pace. It explains how the Greek language works and introduces the Greek alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. By focusing on the takeaways that most impact interpretation, this book provides a working knowledge of biblical Greek for in-depth study of the New Testament.

                        ~My Thoughts~

I never had study Greek before in my life but this book was easy to follow. They have a step-by-step guide that will help you follow along in this book. 

Here’s a chapter listing to show the order in which concepts are introduced.
1) Language Learning, Koine Greek, and the Greek Alphabet
2) The Big Picture of Language
3) Phrases, Clauses, and Conjunctions
4) Resources for Navigating the Greek New Testament
5) Introduction to Greek Verbs and Nominals
6) Nominative, Accusative, and Vocative Cases
7) Genitive and Dative Cases
8) Articles, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Prepositions
9) (Independent) Indicative-Mood Verbs
10) (Independent) Imperative-Mood Verbs
11) (Dependent) Subjunctive-Mood Verbs
12) (Dependent) Greek Infinitives
13) (Dependent) Greek Participles
14) Back to the Big Picture
15) Comparing English Translations
16) Bridging Contexts
17) Word Studies
18) The Grammar of Theology (Putting It All Together)

Each chapter ends with vocabulary words to memorize. This makes learning key Greek words easier–by the end of the book the reader may be surprised with how much vocabulary he has under his belt! As well as vocabulary, Thornhill includes a “Your Turn” section where he has the reader apply what he has learned, which is a very nice to have. 

 This book would be especially helpful for Greek students to read before formal study. 

 I received this book free from Baker Books to give an honest review. 


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