Explosive Decompression Book Tours


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-15-05-24Isaac Asimov meets Charles Dickens with a dash of Jonathan Swift…

In a world that is a science experiment gone horrifyingly wrong, scientist Audrey Novak awakes from a centuries-long sleep to discover that her work has been used to create an appalling world. Aided by commoners, bots, and another refugee from 20th century America, Audrey takes on the power elites on Earth and on the Moon in a novel that is equal parts adventure, science gone haywire, and rollicking humor. ?

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A sampling of acclaim for John L. Sheppard

“Sheppard’s characters pretend not to be funny, to not be emotional, to not need each other, when of course, they are and they do. There’s a clarity to the chaos, the restraint, the vulnerability Sheppard creates, something so human and essential you can’t help but turn the page.”

–Entropy magazine

“…an easy affection for his characters and a sense of natural, unforced humor.”


“…You have a good time seeing someone have a bad time. It’s fun…”

–Padgett Powell

“…raw feeling and taut smart prose.”

–Sam Lipsyte

“The author grips you from the beginning, I couldn’t have put it down if I wanted.”

–Amazon reviewer


John L. Sheppard wrote the novels After the Jump, No Brass, No Ammo and Small Town Punk.


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