Monster Mash Book Blitz+ Giveaway Day 2 

Ann lives in Texas with her husband and rescue pets. She taught reading and other subjects for a number of years before leaving to devote more time to her first love—writing. Reading with children was always her favorite part of teaching.

Cool Well Press published her ghostly series for the young at heart, Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot, Stevie-girl and The Phantom Student, and Stevie-girl and The Phantom of Crybaby Bridge.

Her adult novels—All For Love, women’s fiction, and the suspense trilogy Stutter Creek, Lilac Lane, and Copper Lake, are all published by 5 Prince Publishing.

Takers, Ann’s foray into speculative fiction, was released earlier this year.

She has won several awards for fiction since her college days and has had short stories and essays published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, The Binnacle, Timeless, an anthology, Seasonal Sweet, and Suspenseful, an anthology, Jitter Press, Fictionterrifica, The Rusty Nail, The Sandstorm, Reflections, an anthology, and Blue Mountain Review.  

Q&A With the Author:

1.  Describe yourself in
50 words or less.

              I live in Texas
with my husband and our rescue pets, happily surrounded by our children and
grandchildren. I adore libraries and bookstores and I own two different
e-readers just for fun. My to-be-read list has grown so large I call it Herman.

2. What do you love most in the world?

              My husband, kids, grandkids,
and my one remaining vice, chocolate

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Book 1 – Stevie Girl and the Phantom Pilot

When a small planes crashes behind Jase’s rural home, strange things begin to happen. But no one believes him. After all, there’s no such thing as a ghost, right? Then he sees his pretty, quiet schoolmate, Stevie-girl, about to enter the legendary haunted house, and he knows if anyone can help him solve the mystery, she’s the one. 

Book 2 – Stevie Girl and the Phantom Student

Stevie asks Jase to help her find out why the ghost of a girl keeps appearing in her mirror. They think it has something to do with the new student at their school, a boy who has Tourette syndrome. Both the new kid and the new phantom seem to need some kind of help. When the new kid falls prey to the school bullies, Stevie knows they must act. But will they be too late, or will a tragic moment in their school’s history be repeated on Halloween night?

Book 3 – Stevie-Girl and the Phantom of Crybaby Bridge

The summer his parents treat them to a camping trip in New Mexico, the two friends can’t wait to visit the legendary Crybaby Bridge. Right away, they hear the crying baby. Is it a phantom, or is someone playing tricks on them?

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Foreword from Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot (book one)

It was the late 60s. The Beatles
had washed across America like a British tsunami, Vietnam was a grainy, green
and black dose of unreality on the evening news, a bunch of hippies had taken
over San Francisco, and there was a heck of a rainstorm pouring down on
Woodstock, NY. But I didn’t know all that then.

I was a little bit lost, looking
for something. I swear I didn’t go looking for a ghost…well, okay, maybe I
did. But I didn’t expect to find one. Heck, I was just a kid. I didn’t expect
much of anything. 

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