Beyond The Books/Things That Make Jealous 

Beyond The Books hosted by Kissin Blue Karen.This week’s topic: It ain’t easy being green (things I’m jealous about)

  • Seeing people with nice homes while we have to live in a apartment right night due to do my husband’s baby mama drama. I am looking forward to one day owning our own home.
  • Seeing other people’s child getting potty trined while mine just turned 2 and hoping he will show some sign of wanting to start. 
  • Brand new mom’s getting to hold there new baby. I have about 3 more months left. 
  • People getting accepted for ARC’s that I was denyed for. But I keep trying and hopeing. 
  • People with nice straight white teeth. I try to keep mine healthy but there not straight or white. 
  • People who win the lottery. Sometimes that person is all ready weathy and then there are other people that really need the money that struggle and could use it. 
  • People with nice brand new cars. 

    What makes you jealous? 


    3 thoughts on “Beyond The Books/Things That Make Jealous 

    1. Great list! It is hard to wait so long for a baby, I know I have 4 kids now. I get a little green when I see a couple expecting a new baby (the 1st baby). I know their lives are about to change and I wish I would have had a good partner to go through that with me, (the dad took off a while before my 1st was born).
      We recently moved into a house after being in an apartment for a year. It was a really long wait! I know exactly what you are going though.

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      • Thanks. I am hoping soon we can find our own place but I am thankful right now that we have a roof over are heads. I am looking forward to the day were no more baby mama drama is going on and getting our own place. Thanks for stopping by I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by.


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