Booking Through Thursday

I am joining in today with Beyond The Books. Beyond the Books is a weekly feature hosted by Kissin Blue Karen . Beyond the Books is a weekly writing prompt where she throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and we blog about it. Come back share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other. For more information and future topics click here.


Today’s topic is household items that you can’t live without.

1.) Tide Pods. There so much easier to use and just the right amount of laundry detergent that you need. You don’t have to waste the pods or use to much. I love them.


2.) 409 cleaner. This cleaner is wonderful. I use it a lot. Helps get most of everything cleaned.


3.)  Clorox wipes. These are wonderful to have on hand especially when its cold season time.


4.) Comet. This is good cleaning for sinks and the bathroom. I use this a lot also.


5.) Febreze. I love the smell. When the house needs to be a little fresh I spray some and it smells great.


What cleaning supplies can’t you live without?


5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. I love pods for the dishwasher, but haven’t bought them for the washer. I do have one I got as a sample at BJ’s but haven’t used it yet.


    • I think they are wonderful. Just the right amount and never have to worry about putting in to much detergent. They still make your clothes smell good as well. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


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