Booking through Thursday


Booking Through Thursday is a fun weekly question and answer session, based on books, of course. This week, the question is:

Do you own fewer books than you used to? More?

Or do you find the quantity in your library stays pretty much the same from year to year?

(And yes, digital and audio books DO count.)

My Answer:
Right now I own less books then I used to when living at home. I had to get rid of some of them when I moved since I couldn’t take all of them with me. So I donated or sold some.
But Now I have more audio books then regular books. I am beginning to like audio books. Even though I love my print books as well. I just got 2 brand new books in the mail and can’t wait to read them. I am also getting a few more books next week. So my pile is picking back up and going to need another book shelf.

How about you do you own fewer books then you used to or more?

2 thoughts on “Booking through Thursday

  1. I have also started to like audiobooks – I own way more audiobooks than I did last year, and also am just listening to more books in general than I was last year. I have a seven month old so any way that I can still feel like I’m “reading” without also needing both hands is a huge plus!


    • I also forgot to put down that I also have digital books as well probably more of but I also have a 1 year old so I know how it is when it comes to reading. I actually stopped reading for a year but Got back into when I had more time. 🙂 Happy Reading. Have a good evening.


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