The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek

The Hidden
Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek by: Jackson Badgenoone.


Book summary:
An eight year old boy named James, aka the wannabe Cisco Kid, nearly lost his life as he searched for precious metal in a bone dry southwest Arizona gulley. He retrieved only pyrite before a desert flood swept away his world.
Over the course of half a century James acquired several additional nicknames. They were reflections of his multiple personalities. His dad called him Traveler or Trav. Some coworkers referred to him as Point Man. A few colleagues labeled him Knowledge Navigator or Nav.
Under the cool, shimmering waters of Dutch Buffalo Creek, in 2014 A.D., Trav came upon a rusty bayonet. It was buried long ago in the Carolina Piedmont. This discovery is no coincidence; indeed, this bayonet is a symbol of the abundant riches found in the river of history that connects both the past and future. The blade reminded Point Man that all that glitters is not gold. Nav expanded the search for real treasure beyond the water’s edge.
The blade was a catalyst that drove James to sift through a lifetime of artifacts and bittersweet memories. He found riches from the past and caught a glimpse of the future. Just as the bayonet glimmered in the depths of the water, so does the ongoing work of his family’s unseen witnesses, the Neverborn. They reveal ancient treasures that go far beyond mere gold and silver.
James is guided into a deeper understanding that he and countless loved ones have been called by name as spoken by the prophet Isaiah: I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.

My Review:
The journey features the tale of two families with roots on both sides of the Atlantic. Interestingly, the telling of the story is done by a group of Spirit Beings who oversee everything and guide the writer—and the reader—through the generations and centuries.

Well written, and packed with sometime forgotten events that will fill a history book. This book would be ideal for discussions at book club meetings.

I have recieved this book from Thankyou.



2 thoughts on “The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek

  1. Thank you, The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek is a delightful read with a profound message for Christians. I plan to share this novel with my book club.


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